Many of the learners in Reiger Park have challenging home circumstances with some even having lost a parent due to gang violence or drug abuse. Cases such as these hinder and prevent the normal functioning of a household.

Through our Mentorship Programme we want to equip and advise learners so that they can prosper and make something of their lives. We want nothing more than to see them get out of their current circumstances, pursue their dream careers and be able to support themselves and their families. Our mentorship program is committed to giving these learners the guidance, motivation and practical help they need to make this a reality.

Shine mentors all the Grade 12 learners who have participated in the Grade 10 and 11 Tutoring Programme through two weeks of life skills workshops. These workshops aim to prepare and equip them for life after school. Through this intervention, we hope to give each of our community’s learners the best possible opportunity to make a success of their lives and help them reach their dreams!

The Grade 12 Mentoring Programme workshops cover the following areas:

Map for life

The four main modules:
o Establishing the learner’s position and identify ways to live a balanced life.
o Determining their destination and finding direction for their lives.
o Preparing a plan and setting goals that manifest their dreams.
o Taking meaningful action and preparing daily, weekly and monthly targets on which to focus each learners’ efforts.

Academics and the tertiary education process

Setting goals for the year, discovering their purpose in life and planning for the academic year.

Career guidance

Hosting a career day, guiding each learner in the right career path and presenting alternatives to tertiary education.

Financial planning

Presenting basic financial disciplines, how to save money, study loan options and bursary applications.

Spiritual wellness and having healthy relationships

The importance of healthy relationships, spirituality and its role in our lives as well as dealing with peer pressure and having good role models.

Preparing for a job interview

Presenting interview techniques, how to prepare a good CV, work etiquette and the do’s and don’ts of an interview.

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